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Elevate your daily rituals

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Hi Friends! 

“The best form of self-care I can give myself is a daily shower”

I'm Stephanie the founder of Cocoa Body Co. I started making soap as a therapeutic outlet for my depression. When my depression is really bad, simple tasks such as taking a shower can feel extremely daunting. I create products that bring joy to everyday rituals such as bathing to make it seem less daunting and more rewarding. If the one thing I can do each day for myself is take a shower I want it to be the best experience possible. 

All Natural

When I decided to focus on self-care, I also started removing toxic chemicals from my daily routines. I learned there are so many chemicals and detergents in everyday products and decided to move towards all-natural when possible. When starting this business I wanted to apply those same principles to my products. 

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Our mission

It is my hope that I can use this platform to bring more awareness to mental health issues and create a safe space for others to share their stories. I want to continue to make products that are good for the soul, skin and Earth.