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Cocoa Body Co. handcrafts all-natural products formulated to elevate your everyday rituals and make every day feel like a spa day. We are committed to elevating wellness through responsibly sourced, long-lasting blends that benefit your skin and mind.

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Cocoa Body Co is committed to producing natural, handmade, and eco-friendly products that are kind to both your skin and the environment. As a team, we are driven to create safe and effective items while cultivating an inclusive community surrounding joy and passion for all things wellness. We want each person who shops with us to feel powerful in their skin and radiate in their surroundings. Take some time just for yourself and enjoy the tranquility.

Meet the maker


Hi Friends! I'm Stephanie the founder of Cocoa Body Co. I started making soap as a therapeutic outlet for my depression. Often times my depression can get so bad that simple tasks such as taking a shower can feel extremely daunting. This started my journey to create products that bring joy to everyday rituals such as bathing to make it seem less daunting and more rewarding. If the one thing I can do each day for myself is take a shower I want it to be the best experience possible.

When I first began my wellness journey, I started by doing personal research on the products I was using in my routine and discovered the irritants and chemicals that lurked in the ingredients. After exploring more natural alternatives, I was blown away by the abundance of benefits and production it gave my skin. Integrating the secrets of Mother Earths' beauty gems, Cocoa Body Co was created and has been a source of empowerment for all that have felt nourished with each item. As a small owned company, I urge you to return to the base of simple, healthy, and organic minerals designed to make you feel luxurious in their rooted state.

Since starting Cocoa Body Co. in 2019 I’ve connected to a larger community of those who found my story relatable. Talking about mental health and finding the appropriate resources to get help can be challenging. My mission with Cocoa Body Co. is to help bring more awareness to this topic. Cocoa Body Co. donates a portion of all profits to organizations that provide mental health resources and outreach, with a focus on BIPOC communities.

Our values run deep

• Local - Woman Owned
• Vegan - All Natural Ingredients
• Sustainable
• Mental Health Awareness
• Giving Back